The Capitola neighborhood offers Santa Cruz living at its finest. From gorgeous California beaches and lush camping grounds to bustling shopping districts and high-end restaurants, Capitola has something for everyone. You’ll find most of the local businesses and restaurants lining 41st Avenue, which is the main street that cuts through the neighborhood. Locals and residents of nearby areas love strolling down 41st and stopping by the European-styled Capitola Village shopping district for a day of shopping, socializing, and eating before topping off the day with a trip to the beach.



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Capitola Village

Right in the heart of Monterey Bay is Capitola Village, a quaint seaside attraction that’s packed with things to do. Sporting a European aesthetic, Capitola village is a highly walkable district that’s a joy to explore. You can go shopping at some of its unique stores, grab a bite to eat at one of its many restaurants, enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the cafes, or just sit and take in the natural beauty of Capitola Beach from an open-air patio.


Capitola is home to one of the most unique dining spots in the county: Shadowbrook. Since 1947, this restaurant has served fine cuisine, wines, and liqueurs to the Capitola area. The atmosphere is incredible – elegant wood and stone walls line the building with grand windows overlooking the Soquel Creek. In 1958, a red cable car was added to transport diners into the building. This has since become an iconic Shadowbrook feature, and diners can ride in the gondola transport car to this day.


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Art & Wine Festival

For over 35 years, the Capitola community has gotten together to celebrate its annual Art & Wine Festival. Over the course of two days, Capitola Village is filled with music, food, art, and wine. Locals explore the festivities, sampling food and beverages while appreciating the work of over 160 artists that are on display. Fine wines from 22 Santa Cruz wineries are available to be sampled, and you can also visit the Local Artisans Marketplace to find homemade crafts and delicious artisanal foods.



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Capitola Historical Museum

Situated near Capitola City Hall is a small museum filled with extensive historical collections about the history of the neighborhood. A trip inside the Capitola Historical Museum is bound to be informative – permanent exhibits include old photographs, artwork, and artifacts from Capitola’s past, and seasonal exhibits take on new themes, like the “Capitola Obscura” which will be on display until the end of 2019. You can even see a reconstructed 20th-century cottage and wash house right on the museum grounds.

Wharf to Wharf Run

Once a year, an exciting six-mile footrace breaks out in Santa Cruz. Thousands of runners show up to experience “the best little road race in California,” starting at the Santa Cruz Wharf and ending at the Capitola Wharf. All race proceeds go back into the Santa Cruz economy, and people come from all around the nation to participate. Historically, the race has produced upwards of $8 million for the local economy.

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Capitola Beach

Right by Capitola Village is a beautiful stretch of coast called Capitola Beach. Surrounding natural landmasses keep the water calm and nearby cliffs give the beach an intimate feeling, making it popular with the locals. Capitola Beach also features a wharf that juts out into the Soquel Cove. This is an excellent spot for fishing, and you don’t want to miss the Wharf House Restaurant’s full bar, live music, and panoramic view of the ocean. Surfers cluster east of the shore where the waves start to break, and during the summer, the bandstand features concerts by local musicians and free movie screenings of Hollywood hits.

New Brighton State Beach

Whether you want to relax on the California coast or go camping in the wooded bluffs New Brighton State Beach is perfect for you. Just south of Capitola Beach, this beach and campground is an excellent spot for birdwatching, fishing, camping, and hiking. It offers a long scenic shore that’s perfect for an evening walk and plenty of trails and open space to satisfy anyone who loves the outdoors.

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Opal Cliffs Elementary TK - 5th Grade

New Brighton Middle School 6th-8th grade

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