Live oak & twin lakes

Live Oak and Twin Lakes, often referred to as “Eastside” by locals, is a quiet residential area conveniently located by the Seabright and Capitola neighborhoods of Santa Cruz County. Though Midtown isn’t packed with as many shops and attractions as some of the other communities, its beautiful homes, natural scenery, and central location more than make up for it. In Live Oak, you can enjoy a quieter way of life while never being too far from the shopping districts or attractions of neighboring areas.



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Rio Theatre

Since 1946, Rio Theatre has brought the latest movies and plays to the Midtown community. This excellent entertainment venue features live entertainment from local artists, great stand up routines from comedians, the latest plays and movies from around the nation, and even the occasional lecture. Because it’s located near Seabright and Downtown, it’s a perfect spot to end date night after a good meal.

Farmers Market

Since 2000, the Live Oak Farmers Market has brought fresh produce and baked goods to the Midtown community. Every Sunday, residents enjoy a vast array of foods from local farmers and bakers, such as dried fruit and nuts, sustainably caught seafood, pasture raised meats, tree-ripened fruit, and handmade cheeses. You can also enjoy made-to-order food and live music performed by local artists.


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Crow’s Nest

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, you can’t go wrong with the Crow’s Nest restaurant. This two-story beachside eatery gives visitors fantastic panoramic views of the Santa Cruz Harbor, lighthouse, and wharf, and it’s walls are lined with unique artwork, aged planks, and vintage surfboards, creating an unmistakably beachy ambiance. Beyond the great food and spirits, the Crow’s Nest hosts a summer concert series every Thursday, featuring some great musicians.



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Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes is a longer stretch of beach offering views of the lighthouse and boats departing the harbor. Amenities include volleyball courts, bathrooms, showers and direct access to the Crow’s Nest and Cafe El Palomar.

Sunny Cove

Nestled between two bluffs, Sunny Cove is a popular beach among locals. Many afternoons you can find people enjoying the sand and surf with their dogs or while playing music.

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Live Oak Elementary K-5th grade

Del Mar Elementary K-5th grade

Green Acres Elementary K-5th grade

Shoreline Middle School 6th-8th grade

Cypress Charter High School 9th-12th grade (charter school)

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