Pleasure Point


The Pleasure Point neighborhood in Santa Cruz brings together some of the most desirable aspects of a city that’s packed with beachside views, great surf spots, fine dining, shopping and more. Situated in a small section near coastal Capitola, Pleasure Point encompasses the area from Portola Drive to the beaches between 30th Ave. and 41st Ave.

It’s a neighborhood that’s rich in local surf culture and history. The Hook, a popular local surf spot, is one of the many great breaks along the coast and wetsuit pioneer, Jack O’Neill, called the area home for much of his life. It’s definitely a surfer’s paradise, but you don’t have to surf to enjoy Pleasure Point. If you prefer to just soak in the sights, there’s plenty of places you can relax and take in the beautiful ocean views and waves dotted with surfers, particularly on the bluff near 41st Ave. and East Cliff Dr. that provides a great vantage point.

Nearby 41st Avenue is where you’ll find the majority of businesses and shopping options in Capitola with several great breweries, restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques all within a short distance. Part of the charm of Pleasure Point is that it maintains a relaxed beachside cottage feel, even though it’s just a stone’s throw from the busier shopping district. It’s the ideal place in Santa Cruz County to enjoy a peaceful vacation and get away from everything, while still having access to everything you need.