Property Maintenance 


We Make Property Maintenance Easy With Our Online System!

As a landlord, property maintenance is your responsibility. You must ensure that the structure is sound and that the plumbing, electricity, gas, and heating all work properly. Sinks and toilets must be in working order. Adequate safety and emergency measures must be in place, including smoke detectors and emergency exits. It is vital that you know your legal responsibilities when it comes to ensuring that your building is in habitable condition.

Maintaining good relationships with your tenants is another good way to keep your building looking good. Tenants with a positive attitude toward their landlord will treat their rental well. One easy way to establish a good relationship is to have a simple system for reporting property maintenance issues. With Blue Sky Property Management, we have a user-friendly system for maintenance issues. When tenants are logged in to their tenant portal, all they have to do is push the “New Maintenance Request” button to start a work order. Blue Sky is notified immediately. We coordinate with our preferred vendors who do not charge a mark-up on maintenance, so you can rest assured that you property is receiving the best service at the best price.

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