Tenant Screening


Tenant screening is one of the most important steps a landlord can take to guard against bad renters, lost income due to skipped rent, and property damage. Blue Sky Real Estate and Property Management takes protecting your property very seriously. In order to get the most up-to-date information on tenants, we use Experian’s RentBureau service. Their database is updated every 24 hours. It includes rental payment history, skipped leases, and outstanding debts.

The tenant screening process begins when a prospective tenant fills out our online rental application. Experian RentBureau verifies the information. The applicant’s summary includes a credit score and summary, as well as eviction history and criminal record. This stream-lined process allows us to eliminate applicants who have too many red flags in their screening report.

Our online tenant screening tools have several advantages. Most importantly, data is transmitted securely. You and your potential tenants can rest assured that data is protected from identity thieves. The process also makes it quick and easy to find high-quality residents for rental properties. The online database also benefits good tenants, by enabling them to build a solid credit history with on-time payments. Front-end work saves back-end hassle, and we believe Experian Rent Bureau embodies that maxim.

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