Why Cultivate a Good Landlord Tenant Relationship?

There are all sorts of ways tenants and landlords can protect themselves, from screening to contracts to lawyers to written communications. All of these are important for making rights and obligations clear and known to all parties. However, all the legal documents in the world can’t substitute for a good landlord tenant relationship. Landlords should actively work to cultivate a mutual respect with their tenants. Basic human decency demands this, but it also makes good business sense. Tenants who feel that their landlord is responsive to their reasonable requests are more likely to take good care of the property. They’re also more likely to report small issues that can be taken care of quickly, rather than waiting for an emergency, if they know their concerns are taken seriously.

To develop a good landlord tenant relationship, landlords should make sure the unit is clean and everything works correctly before the tenant moves in. This says that the landlord takes care of the property and that the tenant’s comfort is valued. There should be clear means of communication between tenants and landlords. Email is a good way or a phone number with voicemail. Returning messages promptly is also vital, especially for maintenance issues. Make sure tenants know when maintenance issues will be dealt with, so they can plan around the repair professional.

One way Blue Sky helps Santa Cruz property owner with tenant communication is with our integrated online system for making maintenance requests. We take good relationships seriously, both with our clients and their tenants.