Schedule Preventive Maintenance to Keep Your Property in Top Shape


Preventive maintenance is one of the keys to keeping your investment properties in top condition to bring in a good return for your investment. Set up a schedule of regular inspections to catch minor problems while they’re easily remedied and avoid major, costly disasters. There are three key areas to focus particular attention: the bathroom, the roof, and trees.

The worst problem in bathrooms is water damage and mold. Before tenants move into a unit, be sure to check that all the caulking is in good shape. Make sure that there are no water leaks from the faucets or toilet. Encourage tenants to let you know right away if there are any problems.

The roof of your property should be inspected at least every year, and ideally twice. It’s not a bad idea to do additional inspections after bad rainstorms or high winds. Repairing a few broken shingles or getting early notice that mold is growing will save you a ton of money in the long run. Getting the gutters cleared out before the rainy season is another important part of maintaining your roof.

Trees and shrubbery beautify a property, but they need regular care. Be careful about where you plant them. Think long-term to avoid damage to buildings from tree roots. As they grow, prune them so they don’t get in the way of electrical wires.

Keeping up with preventive maintenance will keep your property in good shape for years to come. A Santa Cruz property management company like Blue Sky has built relationships with local contractors for many years. We know whom to trust for inspections and repairs.