Using Email for Santa Cruz Home Leasing Communications

Technology, such as online bill pay and email communication, can make Santa Cruz home leasing a much less time consuming prospect than it once was. Until recently, however, the California state legislature had not considered email as a valid means for tenants and landlords to communicate formal notices. If a landlord needs to serve notice about rent increases, eviction notices, or other legally binding communication regarding the rental terms, a letter must be sent through the mail or delivered in person, either by the landlord or by a service. Many communications must be delivered both ways.

In 2013, legislation was finally adopted outlining circumstances under which certain communications may be made over email and be legally binding. First, security deposit accounting may take place via email, but only if there is a previous written agreement to do so. Secondly, abandoned personal property notices may be sent over email, thought this is considered a supplemental method, and a paper copy of the notice must be delivered, too. Finally, informal communications between tenants and landlords can take place over email.

Before entering into Santa Cruz home leasing agreements, it’s important for potential landlords to consider all the duties that will be involved and how much time they will take. Hiring a property management company is a great way to get the benefits of renting our your Santa Cruz real estate, while knowing that an experienced team of professionals is handling the legal details. Please give our office a call when you are ready to discuss renting out your Santa Cruz property.